8 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Finding a good photographer is a crucial point for many people. Such a professional imprints memories about the important event. Looking through wedding photos over years, you’ll be able to have the same feelings as at the wedding.

In this article, there are several recommendations on choosing a wedding photographer in Calgary or any other city. Following them, you’ll be able to find a real professional.

Hire in advance

As a rule, wedding photographers have a busy schedule. The earlier you take care of finding a professional, the less trouble you’ll have. It’s better to begin looking for a photographer in 6-10 months. In such a way, you will be sure that the professional you like can work on your wedding, especially in high time.

Pay attention to specialization

It’s better to entrust wedding photography to the person who specializes in it. Sounds a bit crazy, but many people often appeal to other professionals. You may be in love with portraits, made in a photo studio. Anyway, don’t rush to the person who has made them.

A wedding Event photographer has lots of special skills. Such a person can work with many people at the same time. He/she knows how to set shy people free, how to work in church, local courthouse, and outside registration.

Look through portfolio

Selection of a photographer’s works can give you an idea what you will finally get. They show how the person builds a composition, works with lightning, etc. It’s Ok when you’re not impressed by flawless photos ‘cause you may prefer another style.

Pay attention to the retouch. It should be accurate. Also, the tone of skin, hair and wedding dress should be the same on the series of photos of one couple. Otherwise, you may get photos with different types of retouch.

Try to find several professionals who deal with the similar conditions that are going to be at your wedding. It makes no sense to hire a photographer who shoots only in the city, and you’re going to have a destination wedding.

Stick to your budget

Wedding photo shootings often cost much. If you don’t want to pay a pretty penny for it, set a budget. Then you may define what moments should be catched on pictures. Some people want to get photos only from the church. Others, on the contrary, desire to have pictures of the celebration with friends and relatives.

Don’t forget that many photographers are paid on an hourly basis. Lots of them also have special time frames of work. Sometimes, it’s more advantageous to hire a professional who takes more per hour, but is ready to work for 4 hours instead of 12 hours.

Also, some photographers take charge for bringing additional equipment. Some of them work only with assistants that also should be paid. If the photographer comes from another city, he/she may require an additional fee for tickets. So, you’ll have to discuss such moments from the get-go.

Find recommendations and reviews

It’s great if you can find reviews of the photographers’ work. Some people may try to describe pros and cons of cooperation with the professional. It’s even better when your friends have dealt with this person and may provide comments on the work.

Anyway, keep in mind that all opinions are subjective. If the reviews are promiscuous, talk to the photographer.

Examine candidates

A photographer is going to be a part of an intimate event. Such a person has to be:

  • Polite;
  • Punctual;
  • Not too shy;
  • Intelligent.

It’s not enough to have a talk via phone, and far less on social media. Arrange several meetings or video-call with the photographers with suitable conditions and great portfolios. Talk to them, pay attention to the way they behave. Also, you can discuss some important moments. Compare candidates and see who has made an impression on you.

Decide on the result you want to have

Wedding photographers provide a wide range of services. For example, they make albums, retouch a definite number of photos, etc. It’s necessary to decide on the number of edited photos you’re going to get, when you will receive them and lots of other moments. Pay attention to the fact that not all of the photographers are ready to share all unretouched pictures.

Discuss the possibility to conclude a contract

A contract is a guarantee for both you and the photographer. You can be sure that you will get the photos, and the professional will know that he/she will get paid. It is necessary to include such clauses in the contract::

  • Date and working hours;
  • Price;
  • Force majeure;
  • Terms of receiving photos;
  • Number of retouched photos;
  • Rights to publications and others.

Of course, you can add some points. If the photographer doesn’t want to conclude a contract, it should put you on the guard. Such a person might be a fraud who disappears after receiving an advanced payment.

To conclude

Looking for a wedding photographer takes much time. Anyway, following these recommendations you will be able to find a perfect specialist. This person will be able to catch the most vivid moments of your wedding. The photos you will get will please you for many years.

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