5 Reasons Why to Use Pop-ups

Pop-ups are modal boxes that appear on a website according to a previously set trigger, like hovering a mouse towards an exit button, or they can also show up automatically. Some may call them obnoxious features, that can jeopardize even the best though-out customer strategy. But despite all superstitions, pop-ups still find their extensive use in eCommerce, for what speak various statistics. 

For example, BlogMarketing Academy revealed that pop-ups have a 2% higher click-through rate compared to other ads. Anyway, pop-ups in eCommerce can be game-changing. Let’s have a look at some more things they can do for your business. 

Grab your visitors’ attention

Pop-ups stand out on a website and capture attention immediately. That’s a true point, that can serve as a major advantage for your business. Once you have visitors’ attention in your pocket, you can gently nudge them towards your business goal. Have a look at how Frank Body uses two pop-ups for cookie notification and prospects’ email collection. Both features correspond to the website design, look attractive and not intrusive. 

Grow your mailing list

Smoothly transitioning from the previous point, pop-ups are a great tool to expand your email subscribers list. For faster growth, think about how you can motivate your prospects to leave their data in input fields. In other words, it’s always better to create a win-win situation, where a customer also gets something valuable in return. For example, Kotn provides 10% off the first purchase. The brand also wants to update its customer base with exclusive offers, that’s why their pop-up asks to specify the product sector that will be of interest. In such a way, Kotn creates a personalized experience for every email subscriber. 

An example of an email collecting pop-up. Source: Kotn

Offer complementary items

Once your customer added something to cart, pop-ups allow you to cross-sell or even up-sell. Just show some goods that your prospects might be looking for based on their choice in the basket. This is how MenKind cross-sells by displaying a pop-up with “often bought with” items. 

An example of a cross-selling pop-up. Source: MenKind

You can also sell some products as bundles for a better price. Another option for pop-up utilization can be up-selling. 

Create a FOMO effect

FOMO stands for “fear of missing out” and is a useful technique in marketing. Pop-ups provide a myriad of ways how you can implement such a feature. For example, you can display a countdown for special offers or show recent sales pop-ups, as Cosmetic Capital does. Such smart widgets on your website can additionally build trust and credibility because recent sales notifications serve as 3rd party unbiased proof.

A recent sale pop-up. Source: Cosmetic Capital

Promote special offers

If you want to boost user engagement and promote a special offer to the masses, doing so with pop-ups can be an option here. Modern services enable you to craft various smart forms, including those for gamification of the process for better user involvement. Alternatively, you can settle on a simple form depending on your goals. Just like that, West Michigan’s largest Christmas Lite Show draws a free ticket to their performance and notifies website visitors about the contest with a pop-up xotic news

Final thought

Launching and growing a business is surely not an easy task to do. But fortunately, some digital tools can turn this path with obstacles into a more seamless one. Consider using pop-ups for your website as a solution for your business advancement. With their help, you can easily grab your users’ attention, grow your email list, cross-sell or up-sell and achieve even more tvbucetas!

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