3D Animation Process

The significance of 3D animation in modern world marketing is astonishing. This technique is driving different sectors around us. Everyone is now well aware of 3D animation and loves its execution.

Today, you will find many animation studios. These are the companies that offer 3D animation services and motion graphics expertise to their clients. The demand for such studios is enhancing as 3D animation is making its concrete place in different domains.

All 3D animation projects go through an extensive process. The production of 3D animation has three major phases that are interesting to know about. Every 3D artist or animator works on the projects with this particular guideline’s help.

Before we begin with the process itself, let’s learn about 3D animation and its salient benefits.

Definition of the 3D Animation process

3D animation is just the advanced form of 2D animation. It is much more expensive than its former version. Experts develop such characters or objects with 3D techniques and follow a process that we are going to discuss later.

This art form is an illusion that leaves the audience in surprise. The 3D animation process executes 2D characters to transform them into 3D ones for different projects. These projects can be for marketing purposes or educational motives.

Such characters do not lose their quality on all counts. If you enlarge or compress a 3D animation, the quality rate remains constant. This is one of the main factors that make 3D animation a vital part of the digital world.

Why 3D Animation is beneficial to use?

If you have not used 3D animation yet, this is the time you start considering it. There are numerous brands and educational institutes that are implementing this technique for better audience communication.

Let’s see how 3D animation benefits you in different ways:

  • Better Communication: A brand gives everything in to communicate better with its target audience. 3D animation has the ability to do it for a business. In short, there is no better way to use 3D animation for delivering your brand’s message in an impressive way.
  • More Convertible: An animated marketing video is enticing. This element makes such content more convertible—your audience when gets provoked by animated content, increases CTR.

This results in better-performing ad campaigns and sales videos. If you use 3D animation, it will make your brand more familiar to a stranger audience. So that it benefits your brand and its existence in the long run.

  • Complete Package: 3D animated content is a whole package to benefit your audience. Music design, animated characters, and the compelling script are what do the magic for the audience.

These are the elements of 3D animated content. The collateral impact of such videos is due to the combination of these elements. Their individual roles make such content fascinating for the audience.

What is the average price of 3D animation?

If you consider, 3D animation is much pricy to produce than 2D animation. These projects hold much value among the brands. Their investment is volatile but is all worth it in the end.

These projects are volatile due to collateral effort. The number of animations, video elements, and other factors determines the total cost for them. The average cost of 3D animation can go up to $20,000.

3D Animation Process:

A 3D animation process is essential to bring out high-functioning projects. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned 3D artist, this guideline is what breathes life into your projects.

One of the prominent advantages of this process is its versatility. This is the foundation that enables you to use your creativity. You only have to follow this process and use your senses to set apart yourself from other creators.

Below is the breakdown of 3D animation process for beginners and professionals:

  • Before Production Phase: The pre-production or before-production lays the foundation of the entire process later. You brainstorm an idea to work on it in the further phases. It should be impeccable and fascinating for the audience.

The next is to write the script in form of storytelling. This is becoming a viable method to escalate the marketing process as a whole. Your script should explain your idea in a unique story to draw the audience’s attention.

The last step of the pre-production phase is creating a storyboard. It is a group of sketches that manifest your ideas. It also gives you an edge to start with the rest of the production phase as well.

  • Production Phase: The next phase is the production phase. It covers the major portion of the entire 3D animation process. The assigned team works on different aspects of 3D animation production through this phase.

The phase starts with 3D layouts and 3D modeling. Both aspects are crucial for setting a direction to carve out the storyboard in an initial form of 3D layout and pertinent models.

3D layouts are for changing the storyboard into 3D character attributes. 3D models are the geometrical manifestation of 3D layouts that prepare them for texturing and rigging which are the next steps.

The next step to work on is 3D texturing and rigging. Texturing gives several layers to 3D models. Texturing also transforms the models by refining their skin and other properties. 3D rigging is for improving the muscular and skeletal aspects. So that the 3D characters get a more human appearance in your projects.

3D animation and VFX and sound effects increase the impact of 3D animated projects. Animating 3D characters would enhance their motion and movements. This creates a persuasive effect on the screen for the audience.

VFX effects are for introducing natural happenings like fire, eruptions, rain, dust or smoke, and much more. Sound effects also improve the quality of sudden moves made by the characters as the project goes ahead.

The remaining steps of the production phase are light adjustment and rendering. You must adjust the lights of the project to eliminate the flaws. Nothing should be too dull or too bright that would divert your audience’s attention.

Rendering separates the layers of the entire project. So that the artist can re-develop and refine each nook and corner. These separated layers would get re-combined in the post-production phase.

  • After Production Phase: Compositing is the first step of 3D post-production phase. The rendered layers are merged again. The process is variable. It means the number of layers determines your effort and time consumed for the step.

The second last step is color grading. Before you launch your project, colors are important to consider. Besides, your color choice should be in correspondence with the entire concept of your project. This would help you grab their attention for a longer time.

Final adjustments are important. Make sure everything is in its place. The best way to do this is to take your time with final corrections. The color grading, lights, character attributes, background, and atmosphere should be flawless if you want to create that magic.

What makes an ideal 3D Animation?

If you talk about the ideality of 3D animation, then it does not depend on a single factor. A perfect 3D animation is off-limits. It has no flaws at all. It should be the best creation of the artist.

But if you are including 3D animation in videos, see if the video is responsive or not. Responsive projects are important to enhance audience interaction. So that the audience can enjoy the projects on all the devices at their home. The videos must be compatible with 3D animation.

Closing Remarks

3D animation is leading different domains of the present. It showcases the exact effort of every artist that works in a team to produce such projects. They put their heart out so that you can enjoy a particular project on your screen.

Many brands are intrigued to use 3D animation for different reasons. Giants like Porsche, Oreo, Chase, and MailChimp are the best examples who are using 3D animation and enjoying its perks too.

If you are a brand looking for 3D animation consultation, then BuzzFlick is the right choice. Consider them for quality production of 3D animated content. A 3D video animation agency like BuzzFlick knows the importance of the concerns of their clients and yes, they know how to satisfy them with their teams of experts as well.

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