3 Reasons Vet Care Is Essential Even for People Inclined Towards Holistic Pet Care

When you’re inclined towards holistic pet care, it’s easy to think that the best way to take care of your animal is just by feeding them well and providing plenty of love. But there’s more to keeping your pets healthy than just that, especially if you want to ensure their longevity and quality of life.

In fact, while holistic pet care can be an incredible resource for animals and their owners, it’s not always enough. If you want to make sure your animal is getting all the nutrients they need or that they’re not being exposed to any toxins or allergens in its environment, there are some things only a vet can do.

However, there are a few pet owners that believe in holistic pet care, while a lot more still believe in traditional care. A recent survey revealed that 89% of pet owners are more inclined to bring their pets for routine checkups at the veterinarian.

In this article, we will be discussing 3 reasons why vet care is essential even for people inclined towards holistic pet care.

Faster and Instant Pain Relief

Some pet owners are inclined towards holistic care for their furry friends. But even if you’re a holistic-minded pet parent, sometimes your dog or cat needs a little help from the vet.

There are some conditions that need immediate attention and treatment. Some of these include pain and inflammation caused by medical conditions like arthritis, dental problems, and more. In such cases, a quick trip to the vet can make all the difference.

Holistic medicine doesn’t always provide instant relief for these problems, sometimes, it takes time to see results. And if you’re trying to get through an emergency situation while your pet is in pain or discomfort, waiting could mean risking your pet’s health further down the line.

That’s why veterinarians often recommend medications like Previcox for dogs. These drugs are designed specifically to address pain and inflammation caused by certain conditions, and they can do so quickly and effectively, while holistic approaches are not feasible in this situation (or at least not as effective).

Alternative Medicine Is Not a Substitute for Conventional Veterinary Medicine

I know it’s tempting to think that because you’re a holistic pet owner, you can skip the vet and just stick to alternative care. But here’s the thing: alternative medicines are great, but they’re not always enough.

For example, if your dog has diarrhea or vomiting, it’s possible that she has food poisoning or bacterial infection; those aren’t conditions that alternative medicine can treat. It’s also important to remember that not all holistic treatments are safe for all pets. Some herbs and supplements can cause serious side effects or even death in certain dogs and cats.

If you want to keep your pets healthy, it’s important to have regular check-ups with your veterinarian so they can make sure everything is going well and catch any issues before they turn into bigger problems. For pet parents, veterinary care (45%) is the second biggest expense after food (84%). This clearly indicates the growing trust and spending on vet visits.

Certain Conditions Are Severe Enough to Require Veterinary Care

The truth is that all pets need vet care.

Some are just more prone to certain conditions than others. For example, the Schnauzer is known for having a shorter lifespan than other breeds of dogs because of its tendency to develop cancer and heart disease. The same could be said for cats who have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

Other conditions aren’t as severe, but they can still require veterinary care. For example, if your dog has an ear infection or a toothache, you might be able to treat it yourself at home with natural remedies like tea tree oil or baking soda. But if these don’t work, then you should take your pet in for treatment by a veterinarian who can prescribe antibiotics and medications that will get them feeling better faster than home remedies ever could.


Vet care is essential even for people inclined towards holistic pet care because it can help prevent the spread of disease, which can be very dangerous for your pet.

It also provides a more accurate diagnosis than holistic medicine, which can help you and your veterinarian determine exactly what’s wrong with your dog and how to treat it.

Finally, vet care is necessary to ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy throughout his or her life.

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