Why should you call a locksmith after moving into a new house?

Moving is one of the most exciting processes we can experience in our adult lives. As long as it is voluntary, the act of exploring a new home and decorating it to our liking can be moralizing for many people. But even so, there are a couple of responsibilities that need to be met from the first moment we decide it’s time to move. For example, do you already have all your paperwork in hand, and have you found a suitable moving company that won’t mishandle your stuff? More importantly, have you already taken general safety precautions for being in a new place that was probably inhabited by someone else before you?

60% of people do not consider how important it is to change the lock of their new home and 30% may present serious problems, in the case of being women can increase a percentage up to 50%, so do not neglect this fact and move to this new place with security.

Why change the lock?

And by this we are not only referring to the door lock, but also to the windows. You see, when you move into a new house you meet and make the deal with the real estate salesperson or landlord, but not with the past tenant. You don’t know what condition they left in, why, who got a key to your home or what their intentions are. So it is always essential, especially in apartments, that you make a total change of the lock to avoid uncomfortable moments. Imagine that a friend of years of the previous person who has a key decides to go visit “his friend” and finds you eating cereal, being a manageable situation but not a pleasant one. 

Although this is not really the only reason you can find to change the lock, if you are still not convinced about the necessity of a locksmith in your new home to solve those little things that could be a problem for you, we will leave you other little reasons below.

It does not have a security system

This can be told to you by the person selling the house, and is that most exterior doors should have some kind of system that prevents common types of theft, for example, as an anti bumping lock, which is the most common technique that involves incertar a small metal line and then hit the lock to open and enter without making too much fuss.

This can happen at night as well as during the day, and even more so if you are a new person who is not yet familiar with the people who live around you. So it’s best not to take any chances.

The lock may be too old

Many people don’t change their lock no matter how rusty they look, if you notice that it is an old model you should immediately change it as you don’t really know how long it might have been installed and what problems it will bring you when you arrive at night tired from work. In addition, they are much easier to break into the home because just like locksmith technology, burglars are also upgrading. 

Having your home lock in a good condition should not be optional for anyone, so we recommend you to look for a quality locksmith as soon as possible so you can make the corresponding changes without depending on whether you live in a house or an apartment.

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