What Are the Ways to Quickly Recover Permanently Deleted Photos in 2022?

Have you accidentally lost your most cherished photos? Are you wondering how you could retrieve them? Too often, people lose important data, documents, and photos.

You may delete your photos from your camera, laptop, or mobile phone without intending to lose them. And the data recovery of deleted items like photos and files may not be easy.

In this article, you will find out different ways through which photos get lost. You will learn different common ways to recover deleted photos. Moreover, you will also know how to recover permanently deleted photos using Recoverit.

Part 1: Common Reasons for Photos Loss

There are various ways through which people lose their photos. Below are some common reasons that lead to losing photos from your device.

1. Unexpected Deleting or Accidental Replacing of Files

Have you slipped your finger and had your photos missing? Well, it can happen with many people. Others also end up replacing their photos with different ones accidentally.

But, it is hard to notice the mistake, especially if the photos share a file name or you are moving them in groups.

2. Loss of a Device

People are fond of storing their photos in portable storage devices. Why? Because they are small, tiny and they can carry them wherever they go.

Besides, these storage devices get lost easily as well. And it isn’t easy to locate them, especially when dropped in airplanes, on the road, or in hotel rooms.

3. Unpredictable Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are also known for costing people their photos. Hurricanes, floods, and mudslides can sweep away photos together with storage devices without warning.

Moreover, you can lose important photos by switching from one device to another or updating them without backing them up.

Part 2: Common Ways to Recover Deleted Photos

The most common ways to recover deleted photos are as below.

Method 1: Using Trash Option for Recovering Your Deleted Photos

Have you deleted your photos accidentally and would like to recover them? Worry not. Just take your device and look for a folder named “Recently Deleted,” “Bin,” “Recycle Bin,” or “Trash.”

The process of accessing this folder may differ depending on your device’s manufacturer. But, you can follow these steps if you have an android device.

Step 1: Head over to the photo gallery. Then, swipe right until you find the Collections tab.

Step 2: Scroll down. Under others, get to the Recently Deleted option. This step has two options. You can either recover your photo or delete it forever.

Method 2: Using Google Photos for Recovering Your Deleted Photos

There is a trash folder on Google photos like in system gallery apps. Deleted videos and images get stored here. Check the following steps to recover lost photos using this app.

Step 1: Take your device and open the Google photos application. On the bottom right side, tap on Library.

Step 2: Select Trash from the options.

Step 3: Select all the photos that you would like to restore. Tap the restore option.

Now you have your photos! If the above two methods did not work, or your issues are more serious, consider using a data recovery software like Recoverit by Wondershare.

Part 3: How to Use Recoverit to Recover Deleted Photos?

Here is how to recover permanently deleted photos with the help of reliable data recovery software – Recoverit.

Step 1: Choose a Deleted Files Recovery Mode

Alt: choose-deleted-files-recovery-option

First, launch Recoverit Data Recovery software, which is free. Open it to go to the Deleted Files Recovery mode.

Step 2: Choose Your Computer’s Hard Disk Drive

Alt: select-the-device

It is where your photos got lost or deleted. To proceed, click on the “Start” option.

Note: You can choose “External Devices Recovery” if you stored your photos on an SD card. Then, you can connect the SD card to start the scanning process.

Step 3: Scan for Lost or Deleted Photos

Alt: primary-scanning-result

At this stage, the recovery software will start scanning your device to locate deleted photos from the hard disk drive. The first scan ends in a couple of minutes, and you can check some of the recovered photos.

Step 4: Use All-Around Recovery Mode

Alt: all-around-recovery-mode

Hopefully, you managed to get your lost photos in the previous step. If you didn’t, re-scan using the “All-around Recovery” mode.

This mode scans deeply. It searches more files from the computer hard drive and scans for a longer time.

Step 5: Take a Preview and Press the Recover Button

Alt: preview-and-recover

Finally, you will be able to check and preview all files that you can recover from the results. To restore and save the deleted photos, click “Recover.”

Ensure you store the files in a safer storage device to avoid losing them again!

Why Should You Choose Recoverit by Wondershare?

Here is why you should consider choosing Wondershare’s best data recovery software – Recoverit.

  • This data recovery software is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Its recovery rate is 96%, and you can recover deleted photos from MacBook, laptop, memory card, or digital camera.
  • This software can recover different file types like documents and videos without losing quality.
  • It does not matter how your photos got lost. This software will work under different data loss situations, including system crashes, unexpected deletion, or virus attacks.

Part 4: Closing Words

It is common for people to lose their data often. Photos usually get lost accidentally, through natural disasters, or through losing storage devices like a hard drive, USB, memory card, or DVD/CD.

Yet, anyone can recover deleted photos within minutes. You can recover deleted photos from the trash in your gallery or recover them from Google photos. These are the most common ways to recover lost photos.

If they don’t work, you don’t have to worry. Just use Wondershare’s Recoverit, and you’ll have your photos back!

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