Hyperledger vs Ethereum: A Complete Comparison

As the crypto world is growing, more and more people are showing interest in it. Besides bitcoin, there are so many promising digital currencies available in the market such as Ekrona, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Litecoin.

You see, Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency right now. However, Hyperledger is also getting popular nowadays. If you are confused about choosing one, we are here to help you out.

In this article, we will share a complete comparison between Hyperledger and Ethereum. We will also share more details. To clean your confusion, you have read each point carefully.

What is Hyperledger?

Hyperledger is a popular open-source platform. It helps people develop distributed ledger frameworks that can deliver a high degree of flexibility, scalability, and confidentiality.

You see, Hyperledger is managed by Linux Foundation. It’s a private blockchain network, so people can get a lot of benefits. On the other hand, you can call Hyperledger an umbrella strategy. That’s why multiple platforms can develop enterprise solutions by using Hyperledger.

What is Ethereum?

Well, Ethereum is completely different from Hyperledger. Developed by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in today’s world. Moreover, it’s the second-best digital currency after Bitcoin.

On the other hand, some people prefer Ethereum over Bitcoin. There’s a single computer called the Ethereum Virtual Machine in this system. You see, Ethereum is a decentralized platform. That’s why each node in this network agrees with the system.

The main goal of this blockchain network is to encourage people to make a more secure transaction. That’s why it’s one of the safest platforms for digital transactions. Plus, Ethereum developers claim to have the second-largest market cap in the crypto world.

Hyperledger vs Ethereum: Key Differences

Now, you know about the basics of Hyperledger and Ethereum. If you need more information, you have to know about the key differences. In the following, we will share the top key differences. Let’s find out:

1. Purpose

Hyperledger is created to help businesses to collaborate with those developers who are working with Distributed Ledger Technology. In simple words, you can create cross-industry applications by using this platform.

The purpose of developing Ethereum was to create decentralized and B2B business applications. On the other hand, this platform also creates smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Well, it can also create decentralized applications for mass consumption.

2. Confidentiality

As we noted before, Hyperledger is a private network. That’s the reason why you can have limited access to this network. Moreover, this network is highly secure for users. Only those people who have a Certificate of Authorization can access this platform.

On the other hand, Ethereum is a public open-source platform. Even though this network is very secure for users, all transactions are transparent. That means every member can see all the transactions.

3. Participation

You see, Hyperledger has strict control when it comes to participation in the network. In this case, only authorized members can get access and view the transaction information.

Moreover, they are the only people who can use Hyperledger tools. The developers maintain strict control to prevent manipulation. As Ethereum is a public network, anybody can access this network and download the software.

4. Governance

Hyperledger is developed by Linux Foundation. On the other hand, IBM is also another important contributor to this network. Well, Hyperledger is created for massive industry collaborations.

As we noted before, Ethereum is developed by Vitalik Buterin. Well, this network is only governed by its developers. You see, Ethereum is more like an in-house network than a collaboration strategy. So, this digital currency network is more preferable by most users.

5. Programming Language

You see, the programming language is a crucial factor in this comparison. Hyperledger’s programming language is Hyperledger Go. Well, this is used for writing chaincode. Moreover, this network also uses Java and JavaScript in some cases.

When it comes to Ethereum, it has a different programming language compared to Hyperledger. The developers use high-level languages to write smart contracts. Most top-level programming languages of Ethereum are Python, JavaScript, and Golang.

6. Speed of Transactions

Being a large and permissioned network, Hyperledger has a high-speed transaction system compared to others. In this case, this network does not need a POW mechanism. Hyperledger can make around 2000 transactions per second.

Ethereum uses a POW mechanism for transactions. Well, this system reduces the speed of transactions. That’s why Ethereum can only make around 20 transactions per second which is very low compared to Hyperledger.

7. Consensus Mechanism

As we noted above, Hyperledger does not use the Proof-Of-Work mechanism to validate transactions. When two participating parties confirm a transaction, no third party can view the information. That’s why it helps improve scalability.

Ethereum is a decentralized network and uses POW. That means participants of the network have to agree on transactions. It will help the users to make fake transactions in this network.

8. Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrency is one of the most crucial factors in this comparison, we have to discuss it as well. For Hyperledger, there is no native cryptocurrency in this network. That’s the reason why users can’t get involved in mining.

On the other hand, Ethereum has a native cryptocurrency called ETHEREUM(ETH). So, any participant can mine ETHEREUM by using gas. 

9. Smart Contracts

Hyperledger members can run some code while creating transactions. However, they have to maintain it in specific conditions. These codes are popular as chaincodes.

Ethereum’s smart contracts are a computer program. Well, smart contracts control digital transactions between two parties. To make a smart contract, you also have to meet some specific conditions. However, once a smart contract is created, no third party can change it.


Finally, you know the detailed comparison between Ethereum and Hyperledger. We have shared all the points in this article. Before you invest in these digital currencies, make sure you learn all the information. If you need more help, you can contact an expert. Moreover, you can also start your research online.

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