How to use a green screen for video on YouTube

Here is How to use a green screen for video on YouTube:

  • A green screen is a setup for filming that allows you to film your subject or use green screen app live video in front of any background scene, such as an Avatar style green forest, outer space, the moon. This means that if you use green screen app you could potentially fly to a green planet and film a hologram girlfriend. If this sounds awesome, it’s because it so awesome. The green screens themselves are typically green backdrops which can be bought very cheaply from websites like Amazon or eBay. You have probably seen them being used on TV shows where the same presenter has been filmed in different locations just by having them exit one set and entering another one which is waiting off camera behind them dressed with the relevant background scene. In fact green screen is so useful that green screens are used even on big budget Hollywood movies.
  • The green screen has been used for years in special effects for TV, Movies and games because of its ability to remove something from the background scene allowing it to be replaced by another. This means you have all kinds of options available when filming green screen app videos. For example, if your green screen set up is in a very dark room then you could film someone standing there with their face completely blacked out and insert an animation of them throwing a picture frame through a window behind them using green screen video production software.
  • Be wary though, green screens are only successful when the subject stands out clearly against the green backdrop. You will need some space between your green screen and the green backdrop as green has a tendency to bleed if too close. You will need green screen app video editing software such as green screen for pc to complete the transition from green screen to final scene.

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To create a green screen you simply need a plain green sheet or cloth, some lights to illuminate it evenly and something that keeps it still. Green screens can be found on Amazon or eBay for very little money because they are used by so many people in the entertainment industry. These simple green screens actually suit most home studios well because they don’t take up much space, yet can easily be folded away when not in use.

In terms of lighting, you have two options here which is either natural light from green screen windows, green screen computer app green screen windows are green screened windows which are used to get green light into a green screen recording studio or you can use green screen lights. There is an optimum lighting green screen for setting green screens up properly green screen light setup green screens; this green-screen tutorial green-screen tutorial will help explain how. You could also film in complete darkness if that suits the scene better. This would be typical of something like a horror film where it’s about what you don’t see rather than what you do, however shooting in darkness may require editing later so keep this in mind when filming.

The most important thing about using green screens effectively is making sure your subject stands out clearly against the green background. There are green screen app video editing software green screens available that enable you to replace the green backdrop with another background scene, green screen app is used in movies all of the time. This green screen for pc green-screen tutorial green-screen tutorial will explain how these green screens work and how to use them effectively.


Green screens are very useful for green screen app video green-screen tutorial green-screen tutorial green screen photography green screen techniques green screen software green screen tutorials green screen set up green screen photography setup green screen video, there is really no limit to the kind of things you can use it for. Whether you want to make a small business advertisement or create your own TV show with special effects; there is an optimum lighting green-screen tutorial available online which will help you get the best out of your green screens.

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