How to Keep Your Hallway Clean

Keeping your whole house clean is a difficult and demanding task, especially if you live in a big place and have kids and/or pets.

We normally invest most of our time and efforts in cleaning the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Even if we tidy those rooms regularly, unless we actually have professional help, chances are we might skip some other parts of the house that don’t seem so important.

Even though it is the first thing people see when they enter our house, we are more likely than not to actually occasionally skip cleaning our hallway. If it is really only occasionally that you don’t tidy up your hallway when cleaning the rest of your house, it’s not such a big deal.

However, it really is important to neglect it and not clean it for too long. So here are a few tips from professional cleaners at Modern Maids on how you can keep your hallway clean with minimum effort.

Dust It Regularly

If your hallway is covered by a carpet, it will be really difficult to avoid regular vacuuming. It is the part of the house which is unavoidable and thus very frequented, plus you will often go through it with your shoes on, so it’s likely to get dirtier than other rooms in your house.  Robot vacuums are also a good investment if you don’t want to keep checking the specks of dirt on your hallway. The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra robot vacuums are suitable robot vacuums to invest in.

Vacuuming itself may not be such a big problem if your hallway is not full of shoes and things which you have to move every time you want to clean, so organizing things is another topic to think about.

If you are really not a fan of vacuuming, then avoid carpets and get linoleum floors instead. These can be easily swept and cleaned. In winter, however, make sure you have some type of pads, even the old newspapers will work, to absorb all the water and mud from the rain and snow, which is the weakness of linoleum flooring according to cleaning professionals.

Get Some Boxes

As already mentioned, sometimes the cleaning itself isn’t such a big problem, but the quantity of things scattered around makes tidying more tiresome and time-consuming.

That’s why it’s important to organize all the things you keep in the hallway well. Get a proper shoe rack where you put all, or at least, most of your shoes. You can use additional boxes to store out-of-the-season shoes, and prevent getting your shoe rack overcrowded.

That way everything will be properly stored, organized and easy to find, plus you will have a clear passage for cleaning and vacuuming.

If you keep your gloves, hats and other accessories in the hallway, you can also store them in boxes. If you want it all to look not just tidy, but also beautiful, get some nice boxes or decorate them yourself, there are plenty of ideas and how-to’s online.

Get High Shelves

Once you store all the extra things in boxes, your hallway is going to look much tidier and be much easier to clean. However, if you keep the boxes on the floor, they still might present a problem, take up space and prevent you from using your hallway in the most efficient way.

That’s why high shelves are a good option, as they will enable you to free additional space in your hallway, to make it look more spacious and tidier, or to let you keep the things that really need to be at hand.

So this fall/winter you can store all your summer shoes and accessories in boxes and put them up on the shelves, so you have enough room for all the heavy, bulky boots and winter accessories which need to be at hand.

Also, most of the floor will remain free, so you won’t waste so much time on putting away the things before being able to actually vacuum or sweep the hallway.

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