4 Ideas for Entertaining the Neighborhood Kids

Away from city lights and urban parks, the subdivisions offer children and their families the opportunity to plan neighborhood activities and annual events. Whether it’s outside on a hot summer night or hiding from the cold at a neighborhood club, neighborhood activities bring the neighborhood together and build relationships. An active community often plans several events throughout the year to keep their children connected and ahead of the next holiday.


Kids love adventure, so a hunting adventure will get them off their couch and heading to the subdivision with their friends. Parents can organize a traditional scavenger hunt that has children searching for bird feathers, acorns, and smooth stones. A more modern twist on the scavenger hunt is a digital hunt, where kids take pictures of each item on their list, instead of collecting them. Another classic hunt is an Easter egg hunt in the spring (consider using reusable plastic eggs filled with candy and coins).


Promote a healthy lifestyle through neighborhood activities with an organized sporting event. Use the local pond to have a contest to see who can catch the biggest fish. Parents can inspire kids with a neighborhood game day, showcasing games like ring toss, relay races, or balloon popping contests. Hanging ribbons and medals can make the event even more realistic. 


Nothing brings a family together like a potluck dinner, so plan a get-together where the kids can help bring you together. Kids can create flyers to put on their front doors to let them know about the social, pizza night, and then help decorate for the upcoming event. Whether the idea is to make a full meal or just share a drink, kids enjoy the event by helping to plan or promote it.


You don’t need a reason to throw a party with kids (they tend to be ready to celebrate just about anything). What do you think about a costume party featuring bobbing for apples on Halloween, a cookie decorating contest on Christmas, or Shepherd’s Pie and Green Smoothies for a St. Patrick’s Day party? Some parties can involve family members of all ages like organizing a private cinema event or car racing events.

In short, neighborhood activities can create a precious memory for kids despite all the limitations we have in times of Coronavirus.

Well, they achieve all the main benefits of a party: fun, joy and happiness for all participants. That is why they have become a great option for your celebrations in 2022.

And for older children, research indicates that they are the activities that allow them to practice values such as gratitude, friendship, sharing, and acceptance. In addition to practicing their social skills as organizers and hosts that will serve them well in the future.

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