Who is eligible for a restricted license? 

A standard driver’s license permits anyone to operate a car at any time and take any passengers to wherever they want. A restricted license grants you significantly fewer driving rights or privileges. This is how it works with a limited license.

Suppose drunk driving can restrict your license. The law force you to put an ignition interlock device (car breathalyzer) in your vehicle before driving again. Intoxalock can assist in navigating the often-complex laws governing the use of these devices.

Devices that are simple to set up and operate might help you get back on the road. You may call a New york traffic ticket lawyer for assistance, from buying your gadget to set up an appointment to have it fitted. If you’re unsure whether your state allows a restricted license or your status, speak with your lawyer.

What is a Restricted license?

For specific drivers, a restricted driver’s license is a feasible alternative to a suspended driver’s license. A local driver’s license allows them to drive within particular limits, but a suspended license stops them from driving.

People with a restricted license may be stuck where and when they may go, or they may force you to operate vehicles with breathalyzers. Limited permits are not accessible in all regions and are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you violate your state’s rules, you may face further fines, losing your driving privileges, more time with an interlock device, and even jail time.

Restricted license issued

You may grant a restricted driver’s license under the following circumstances;

  • Allow you to commute to and from work.
  • Getting to and from doctor’s visits
  • Traveling to and from court appearances and therapy sessions
  • Take a dependant to school or another caregiver’s house.

License restriction

The following are the most typical restrictions. However, they are not exhaustive.

  • Requirements for exterior rearview mirrors on cars’ left sides (applied to those who are blind in one eye or who are deaf or hard of hearing);
  • Requirements for using corrective lenses (for those who have vision problems),
  • Knobs or grips on the steering wheel (for those who have lost or handicapped their arms or hands);
  • Hand dimmer switches and automated transmissions (feet or legs missing or disabled)

Eligibility for a restricted license

These are the main reason you get a restrictive license. Are elaborated below

Getting Away from the Pumps Without Having to Pay for Gas

Drive without paying a gas bill may be awarded a restricted license to drive to and from work, during employment, or to and from college/university if they are full-time students.

DUI violation

According to the law, you can give a restricted driving license under certain situations. A limited permit will automatically be delivered to your record address 22-30 days after the rest period begins if you are qualified. However, before the restricted driver’s license begins, you must complete the restriction term for at least 30 days.

This restricted permit is valid for travel to and from work, on the job, school, and treatment centers.

Violation of the Alcohol Beverage

You may be awarded a restricted driving license under the Drug-Free Youth Act. And the age is between 18-20. Alcoholic Beverage Violation law restricts your license if clear and strong evidence is shown.

A restricted license is not valid for travel to and from social gatherings or extracurricular activities. If parental/public lift is unavailable, or if the educational institution does not provide free transport, driving is authorized only to and from the location of work and academic institution.

Underage driving racing

You are eligible to get a restricted license if you are under age and violating traffic rules on roads. The court authorized a license with ignition interlock and no geographic restriction.

Suppose you are applying for a restricted license after a DUI conviction. You must not have been convicted of a previous vehicular murder, severe reckless driving, or reckless driving resulting from alcohol.

Insurance Violation

You can obtain a restricted license via an Authorized Third Party Driver’s License supplier. You will ask to submit proof of future financial responsibility at the time of application.

It’s possible to travel with a limited number of travel permits. Travel to and from employment, school, and other activities may be permitted while you’re under suspension.


The violation of a driver’s license restriction is a severe crime, not only because of the criminal character of the charge but also because any guilty verdict would result in the immediate loss of a driver’s license. There are several defenses available to prevent a situation like this, and having an attorney on your side to safeguard your rights and interests is essential. Suppose you are in the legal process of a speeding ticket violation. The New York traffic ticket lawyer will help you and guide you in every step. 

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