What are the long-term effects of burn injury?

Before discussing the long-term effects of burn injury here, we are going to define what burn injury is? A Burn is a type of injury that damages skin or other tissues caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, and friction. Burn injuries are one of the most painful injuries you can suffer. According to a survey, more than 450,000 people are hurt yearly by a burn injury, and almost 3,500 dies annually. Most of the death burns happened because of the house fire, and the others were due to car accidents, explosions, and electrical burns.

Burn injuries are devastating types of catastrophic injuries. However, it depends on the condition of an incident. Sometimes burns injury leave long-lasting effects on a person’s physical and mental health, so if you and your loved one face a burn injury due to someone else’s negligence, you can file for compensation with the help of an experienced Georgia catastrophic injury lawyer who will assist you how to proceed your case.

3 different degrees of burns.

There are three types of burns, Which we are listing below;

First-degree burn.

First-degree burns affected the outermost layer of the skin and caused due to electric shock, sunburn, and scalds. So first-degree burns are not that serious that result in swelling, skin redness, and mild pain. A few of these can be painful, and you need to visit a doctor. First-degree burn healing time is quicker than the second-degree burn. Or, if the burn is not that damaging, it can also be treated at home.

Second-degree burn

Second-degree burns affect the outer layer of the skin and the layer that is just beneath the skin and cause the skin to blister. Some blisters break open, resulting in a wet or dripping appearance to the burn. Fibrinous exudate may form over the wound over time. The healing time of a second-degree burn is three-week-long. However, it depends on the condition of the blister.

Third-degree burn.

A third-degree burn is the most dangerous because it expands to the entire skin and into the core muscle, fat, and bones. The skin will be so irreparably damaged that it will seem black and burnt (dead tissue). Because the nerves have been destroyed, the damage will be painless. This form of burn, on the other hand, has no cure.These burns can also be fatal if they are severe enough. The healing time of a third-degree burn is not set due to the significance.

What are the long-term effects of burn injury?

As you all know, the most dangerous and damaging degree of burn is a third-degree burn which has long-lasting effects on a person’s life who goes through catastrophic burn injury.

Physical effects

Here are several physical effects you face that cause you after the third degree burn injury.

  • Infections.

Burns, like any other wound, leave an entrance for bacteria and other pathogens to enter. Some infections are mild and easily treated. Bacteria entering your bloodstream can induce sepsis, a life-threatening illness.

  • Dehydration.

Burns cause your body to lose water. Your blood volume can drop to the point where you do not have enough blood to nourish your entire body if you lose too much fluid.

  • Low body temperature.

Your skin aids in the regulation of your body’s temperature. You can lose heat too quickly if it is damaged from a burn. Hypothermia, or a hazardous reduction in body temperature, can result.

  • Contractures.

Scar tissue can constrict your skin to the point where you cannot move your bones or joints when it forms over a burn.

Mental effects.

After going through with the burn injury it is not necessary that you only face physical injury but there are mental effects as well. 

  • Shock.

When you go through this kind of serious burn injury, you can go into shock after the accident. However, it is life-threatening because of the shock. You are not even able to breathe properly.

  • Depression

When your burn injury leads you towards self-isolation, you can also face depression because of the scars you overthink. At last, you end up in depression. Whenever you feel that you are going into depression, consult a psychologist who will help you with this.


You are all now aware of the after-effects of burn injury. Burn injury is a life-altering experience for anyone who goes through it, not because of the healing process but because the aftermath is more traumatized for the person and their family members. After such a catastrophic injury which Is quite costly due to the extensive medical care and lost wages, you have no idea where to seek help which can give you peace of mind and lessen your liability in this painful situation. The Georgia catastrophic injury lawyer with experience in dealing with such damaging cases will help you get the maximum compensation that can overcome your losses such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent disability.

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