PDF Printing – Complete Guide

There are a few details to consider when printing one or more PDF documents at a time. In this guide, we will cover various aspects of printing PDF files.

To begin with, we must point out that printing any content and graphics to PDF flattens the file, which leads to the fact that there is no later option to edit and add value, e.g. by separating form data. It is worth considering these aspects before deciding to print a PDF file.

Double-sided PDF printing (printing on both sides of the paper)

To save paper and improve the readability of your printouts, you can print a PDF double-sided. Two-sided printing is also called duplexing or printing on both sides of the sheet. Depending on the printer model or software, there are typically three options for this mode:

  • Single Sided– Prints on only one side of the paper;
  • Long-edge binding– The document is printed two-sided in portrait orientation so that the pages turn on the long edge. The printout will resemble a booklet with pages that can be turned from left to right (if you hold it vertically);
  • Short-edge binding– The document is printed on both sides in landscape orientation so that the pages are turned on the short edge. The output document will look like a stapled notebook (if you hold it vertically).

How to print on both sides in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader

If you are using Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Reader DC these options are called rotate on long edge and rotate on short edge respectively.

To set up two-sided printing of a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, follow these steps:

  1. Open the document;
  2. Go to File > Print, (or press Ctrl + P);
  3. Select a printer;
  4. Check the box next to Print on both sides of the paper and choose flip on long edge or flip on short edge;
  5. Using Orientation, make the page portrait or landscape(if necessary);
  6. Click Print.

Flip on Long Edge(Long Side Binding) is best for printing a normal two-sided document in portrait orientation, while Flip on Short Edge(short side binding) is best for printing documents in landscape orientation.

Double-sided printing of multiple PDF files

With a specific PDF program such as SwifDoo PDF, you can set this parameter by going to open a PDF > right click on the file and select Print > and select either Long-edge binding or Short-edge binding, or keep the default printer settings.

Many multi-function printers allow double-sided printing either manually or automatically for a single multi-page document. But what if we have 10, 20, 100 PDFs to print? SwifDoo PDF saves you time, especially when it comes to processing multiple PDF files at once. In addition, the print settings can be applied to all files in the list or only to selected items.

Printing secured PDF (password-protected PDF)

When created and saved, a PDF file may be password-encrypted by the author, for security or other reasons. For example, in SwifDoo PDF, you can set a password for one or more PDF files. Some batch printing programs, such as Print Conductor, have the option to enter one or more passwords before the printing session, so that the program can print multiple secure PDF files without any problems. Read more “add your site” “list your business in the” “free and paid submission to the” statistics

How to print a secured PDF file without a password

Tip: If you have a PDF document that’s print-protected and you can’t unlock it with a password, try this method:

  1. Upload the PDF to a Google Drive folder
  2. Double click on the uploaded file
  3. Click the printer icon ( Print ) in the upper right corner

Now the file is available for printing via the standard Google Drive dialog. It can also be re-saved as a PDF without any printing restrictions.

Batch print multiple PDF files at once

PDF batch printing can be very beneficial. With the right application (such as Adobe Acrobat or SwifDoo PDF), you can easily send batch PDF files and pass them to the printer as a single print job. It is useful, for example, when you need to quickly print a set of files that require the use of different formats or a set of many different PDF documents. Another advantage of this approach is that you don’t have to open each file manually, which saves a lot of time.

How to combine multiple files into one PDF

Another option is to merge the different files into one PDF in advance. You can combine images, documents, text files, spreadsheets or PDF files, etc. into one multi-page PDF file, and then simply print it. You can print a whole lot of documents very easily this way. Since all files will be contained in one file, you will avoid a situation where print jobs get mixed up (when different employees print their files at the same time on the same printer).

To combine files before printing, we recommend using a PDF merger such as SwifDoo PDF and Adobe Acrobat DC.

Pros and cons of printing to PDFs

Each solution, including printing to a PDF file, has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is certainly the savings that are generated when we start storing documents in electronic form. It is also much easier to find them, especially when we describe each in detail. Printing to PDF also has its downsides. Remember that every computer is electronic equipment that can be damaged.

If we store all our files only on the disk, the risk of losing important data is very high. When documents are printed and stored, e.g. in binders, they become much more secure. There is only one conclusion – not all documents that we receive or generate should be printed. Some of them can be stored electronically instead.

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