My cat suckles like a baby

Your cat suckles a stuffed animal, a cushion, a fabric, its toys. This behavior is not normal. Indeed, a cat must stop suckling once weaned, that is to say after 8 to 10 weeks after birth. In the opposite case, find our advice to change the behavior of your cat. Does your cat take your ear like a pacifier? Kneading the affected area as if to find milk often triggers salivation. It is not a strange phenomenon. Your cat reproduces with you what he did with his mother to get breast milk. If your cat suckles like a baby, it is primarily from his time as a baby. A baby not quite weaned…

The absence of weaning

A kitten must generally be weaned after about ten weeks. If he was adopted before by an owner, it is possible that he did not have time to be completely trained by his mother. Indeed, the latter must after having mothered him, gradually detach himself from him. The cat will thus gain its independence and develop its wild side.

The absence of weaning will therefore develop a kind of infantilism in your cat. A behavior from which he does not suffer, but which could well become annoying for you. Your cat is suckling anything resembling an udder. He can therefore suckle a part of your body such as toys or a piece of fabric. Stay alert, because a piece of tissue, if ingested by your cat, can trigger an intestinal obstruction.

What reaction to adopt?

If the Cat Suck on Blankets, your cat can be compared to a child sucking his thumb in old age. You should not scold or punish him for this childish behavior. This reflex reassures your cat and allows him to overcome his anxiety. In the event that you have ” found ” your kitten, it is possible that you will have to carry out the weaning yourself, which is essential to the well-being of your feline. With the help of a suitable bottle, it is quite possible to fill the gap.

Any other reasons for this behavior?

Apart from incomplete weaning, your cat may also:

Have genetic predispositions. Indeed, some Oriental breeds are more likely to develop this behavior in adulthood. We can for example cite the Siamese, the Tonkinese, or the Balinese. Even if your cat has stopped suckling, this behavior can reappear in times of high stress. A major change, an upheaval in the life of your cat can cause this behavior. In this case, it will be for you to examine the trigger and correct it if possible. If your cat manages to pull out hairs on its side, on its belly, or if it sucks objects which can inflict physical wounds to him, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian who will treat the anxiety with a treatment based on anxiolytic.

What to do?

Unfortunately, this behavior cannot be corrected on your own. Your cat will stop on its own if it wishes. You must foster a serene environment so that your cat cannot have any source of anxiety. In some cases, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian who can help you. The best way remains prevention and avoids taking in a kitten that has not yet been weaned by its mother.

Why do cats like to smoke quilts? some reasons

Is there a cat that smokes everything in front of you? I’ve never done that, but in some respects I almost want to. It’s a bit ridiculous to see a cat snorting and rubbing a blanket over its stupid head and sucking. Do you need proof? Watch the video below. Of course, if you live with a blanket or sucker, I’m sure it’s not that cute for you. I fully understand that if my bedding is spit on my cat or my sweater is ruined, I could replace the wool sucker with one of my cat’s family. You may also wonder, why do cats smoke blankets? Well, there is no more doubt. The following is

  1. Kittens suck on blankets if separated from their mother too soon

This response to ‘Why do cats suck on blankets?’ makes sense in a Freudian way, but I’m not sure it holds water. I adopted my cat, Siouxsie, and her twin sister when they were only six weeks old because at the time I didn’t know that kittens should be kept with their mothers for at least eight weeks. But neither Siouxsie nor Sinéad have ever vacuumed fabric. I don’t know many “bottle-bottle” orphan kittens, so I don’t know if this behavior is more common for them than for other cats.

  1. Certain breeds of cats are more prone to nursing blankets and the like

Siamese cats and other Oriental breed cats are more likely to feed tissue than other cats. Although there does not appear to be a genetic cause for this, it is well known that Oriental breed cats require a longer weaning period than most other cats.

  1. It is a form of relaxation for your cat to smoke blankets and other fabrics

Another response to ‘Why do cats suck on blankets?’ Like thumb sucking in small children, wool sucking is a behavior that provides a feeling of comfort and security. A sensitive kitten may become a tissue-sucking cat because this behavior reminds her to be safe and surrounded by her mother and littermates.

  1. A nursing cat on blankets, clothes or other fabrics is a show of confidence

If your cat develops the habit of sitting on your lap and nursing your clothes, it shows you that it has full confidence in your ability to protect it from harm. It takes a lot of concentration to breastfeed, and it would be difficult for her to concentrate so intensely if she didn’t feel safe.

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