How to Get More Clients for Your Law Firm: The Law Firm Growth Formula

Every law firm wants more and better cases, but how do you make sure prospective clients are aware of your services? Are you trying to be heard above the rest of the noise in an industry that’s competitive at its core? This means that you need to take every opportunity you have to market yourself and get noticed. 

The good news is there are plenty of people looking for legal assistance, so what can you do to stand out from the competition?

You’ve got a myriad of options when it comes to lead generation and selling your services on social media, and utilizing blogging, Law Firm SEO, and search engine marketing campaigns – but just beware of not spending more than what you earn. Which takes us to a very important question: what is the key to law firm marketing? 

How can you ensure that the Law Firm SEO or marketing agency you’re hiring will get you the desired results? Well, one simple way of doing that is by understanding what works in law firms’ marketing and what does not! 

In the following article, you’ll get answers to all similar questions. 

How To Get More Clients for Your Law Firm?

The simple formula to get more clients for your law firm is;

Accessibility + Good Website + Providing Maximum Help = More Clients.  

By paying attention to all of these three critical components, you can improve your online presence and get more clients for your law firm. 

Before we dive into the details, let’s have a look at some law firms’ stats. 

  • Around 28% of the Law firms and lawyers get new clients from the state directories 
  • Approximately 31% of the new clients who come to the law firms are referred by the other attorneys
  • More than 40% of the clients use Google to look for a good lawyer to hire 
  • Around 62% of the clients come from the friend and family recommendations

Looking at the stats, we can clearly see how important digital presence is for law firms these days. 

Be More Accessible

The best way to gain more clients is to find them in places where your ideal clients are looking. One way to do this is by knowing which websites tend to attract your ideal clients and making sure you’re marketing your law firm on those sites and not just your own site or social media profiles. 

Don’t forget there are other types of marketing tools that one can use, too. Here are a few important examples that can make your law firm more accessible and easy to find for clients. 

  • Google Search Engine Results 
  • Google Map
  • Google Reviews 
  • Law Firm Directories (Online)
  • YouTube 

Have an Optimized Website

In order to benefit from any type of online or digital marketing, the law firm must have a high-performance website. Without an optimized website, all marketing money will go down the drain, and the conversion rate will be very low.  

Be Helpful 

Even the most prestigious law firms are looking for specialized and proven SEO marketing strategies in order to make it to the top of Google.

That’s because Google’s changes in recent years have created a situation where trust is crucial if you aspire to have your website rise high enough in the rankings for people to find you all.

So don’t hesitate to embrace social media as well as SEO marketing strategies and take advantage of additional means of digital marketing to grow your business by raising your authority rankings on search engines and, as a result, your ranking on Google!

How to Attract More Legal Clients Using a Search Engine

With the help of Law Firm SEO, you can maximize the chances of getting a large number of legal clients, as a majority of the clients come from online searches. By using SEO strategies, you can outrank the competition and rank high on the search engine result pages. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about providing useful information to visitors while marketing your company. The website of your law firm should be filled with curated, authentic and meaningful content relevant to your client’s interests. 

Client Reviews and Ratings 

Reviews play a critical role when the clients are looking to hire any individual lawyer or a law firm. In order to attract more clients, law firms must have good reviews on multiple platforms, including Google reviews, lawyer directories, social media, Avvo, Yelp, etc. 

Top 10 Directories to get new legal clients 

Google itself is a popular directory of websites, but it’s just one of so many. Google’s own product page directory is a good starting point, but you should really consider adding your business to other pages in the same way that you would submit your site to directories. 

In addition to curating your Google review ratings and keeping your profile up-to-date, there are so many other sites and directories out there that shouldn’t be ignored, after all.

  • FindLaw
  • Avvo
  • Justia
  • Nolo
  • Lawyers And Settlements

Final words:

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to growing your law firm in the digital space and attracting a large number of clients. However, it is vital to let the Law Firm SEO marketing experts help with this step by taking your options and making them more accessible – whether you’re actively searching for clients or simply boosting your online visibility. 

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