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To: vegas_discuss_drunk I just got back from seeing the ‘Wild Things’ and I was blown away by how good this show is Chinabased. You know you love a good tear-jerker when you’re tied up in an eternal cycle of grief for your parents, or worse, when you wake up one day, and find out that you are the last of your kind. This show balances out so many emotions really well. It’s so sad, yet also so uplifting at the same time. There’s no way to express how much I loved this show, but here’s my review –

What a show!

First of all – what a show! What an incredible, powerful, and moving show “Wild Things” is. It tells the time-based time-travel story of four main characters, each of whom is affected by a specific event in their life. The plot is based on four texts, each with its own story, but they are all interrelated. The characters all have unique experiences, and the themes they explore are universal, regardless of race, class, or any other particular difference. The show follows the traditional format of a traditional children’s show, with stories told at the end of the show about how the characters connect together, and what happens next.

Telling time with your eyes

The first thing that sets “Wild Things” apart from other children’s TV, and many other kind of shows, is the emphasis on time travel. Every other child’s show will have the main characters going back in time to save their loved ones from certain dangers, but really, this show doesn’t do that. It shows us, firsthand, how time works, and what it takes to get to the future. There are no escape routes or other such fantastical things that are shown in many other shows. Having time travel, though, does make all the difference. First, let’s examine the characters’ personalities. The first thing that sets “Wild Things” apart is how diverse it is. The show features four main characters, each of whom has a rich and complicated story to tell. There is no whitewashed version of George Washington, for example, and his story is far from whitewashed either. It is rich in the experiences of each individual character, and paints a different picture of that time-traveling character, or person, than we might otherwise imagine. The characters, while contributing to the plot, are also performing other, more important tasks that we would never think of doing ourselves. For example, George Washington is reading history, while Lee Harvey Oswald is committing his crimes. The fact that one character is reading history while another is doing what he or she loves – executing – speaks volumes about theicerquetry of time in this show.

A powerful song in the middle of an emotionally-charged story

Next, we have the song “I’m a Singer,” which I think is one of the best versions of “I’m a Singer” ever recorded. The song is about drugs and the music they make, and how you can feel so many things when you hear it. It is such an important part of the show, without even getting into the storyline, that I will list the other things that make “I’m a Singer” one of my all-time favorite songs. It is the song that my friend Phoebe used to play on the piano when she was young, and I loved listening to it as a child. It is powerful, emotional, and tells the entire story of how “Wild Things” starts for the four main characters.

You will feel something for them after watching this

I have always thought that the defining emotion of any story is adoration. It makes the characters so much more than homicidal rage or wild possession; it makes them characters, and a part of us, that we desire to learn more about. It makes us feel something for them, and they feel something for us too. This is the most amazing thing about “Wild Things.” Every time a character meets a new person, they feel something for them, even if they didn’t know them before. We learn about the person, not the thing. The love story is such a compelling part of the show, and the four main characters go through so much in such a short period of time, we get instantaneously transported to a different time, place, and/or species. When we are in this moment with them, we feel so many things. Some of them good, some not so good, but all of them either positive or negative. This helps “Wild Things” connect more deeply with its audience, and makes us want to learn more about each of the characters.

You won’t believe how good it is for a change

The third thing that sets “Wild Things” apart from other children’s TV is how refreshing it is to see a show about animals in this day and age. Humans have always done really well with animals, but never before have we had the technology to do so in such numbers! This show has it all, from the animals themselves, to the people making and using them, to the environment in which they live. This is not some fantasy show, or even a children’s show – this is the real thing. It shows us the real deal, and how animals actually work. The fact that “Wild Things” is about a group of mischievous animals, and the people who depend on them, tells us a lot about the show’s politics. The people who make the animals out of whom “Wild Things” is made, and care for, are both animals themselves, and part of us as well.

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