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The usual method of purchasing drugs goes like this: you acquire a prescription, go to your local pharmacy, and discover that it is not available. Then you go to a different pharmacy and run across the same people. As a result, as you travel further and further, the likelihood of your medication becoming available appears to grow. That isn’t how math works, though. As a result, you leave the prescription at home, and your dose medications become a distant memory. What a depressing image?

In 2021, the demand for Online Medicine apps in India would be significant due to the increasing expansion of the internet and mobile device usage. People want to order drugs through the app and have them delivered right to their door. Users of pharmaceutical pharmacy applications have emerged as a boon in India in recent years, much like food and grocery delivery.

Many companies and young entrepreneurs have come up with the notion of building and running an online pharmaceutical delivery mobile app in our modern-day. Medicine orders are placed through the app in locations such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. The idea of obtaining pharmacy drugs using an app is becoming increasingly popular among millennials, which has increased rivalry among businesses.

Best home delivery medicine app

Purchasing medicine and healthcare-related products online through mobile app development has saved users a lot of time and helped them get their orders delivered to their homes. The majority of applications include special discounts to entice clients to place their next order. India has gone digital, thanks to low-cost internet connections that have given pharmacies new options to grow their businesses.

Here are the top 10 popular home delivery medicine apps in India in 2021, which help with the delivery of emergency necessities to your doorstep.

  1. 1mg
  2. Pharmeasy
  3. Practo
  4. Netmeds
  5. Medlife
  6. Apollo Pharmacy 247
  7. MediBuddy
  8. MedPlus Mart
  9. SastaSundar
  10. Healthmug

Can we buy generic medicines online?

You may now buy generic medicines online while also getting credible and up-to-date medical information on medicines, ailments, lab tests, Ayurvedic, and over-the-counter health items.

Generic medicines online

When consumers hear the phrase “generic,” they frequently assume that the drug is inferior to its brand-name version in terms of efficacy or that it is counterfeit. That isn’t the case, though.

Pain relievers with generic names include paracetamol and mefenamic acid, for example. There are already generic versions of numerous well-known branded drugs on the market.

The low cost of generic medications is one of the reasons why people have misunderstandings about them. The low price is because generic medicine producers are rarely those who invented, lab-tested, or marketed the drug. They also didn’t have to pay any patent fees, resulting in lower manufacturing and distribution expenses.

Here are some pros and cons of the generic drug:


  • Generic medications are exact replicas of their brand-name equivalents in terms of quality.
  • They are frequently significantly less expensive than branded ones.
  • The ingredients list of medicine is more publicly available because more producers have access to it.
  • They are also usually prepared to the same standards as brand-name pharmaceuticals, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


  • Because generic medications do not have a “branded” or unique look, it is common to mix up your pills if you take a lot of them.
  • Some people may not do as well with a generic drug because of the way the tablet is coated or produced, and they may absorb it differently.
  • Getting a generic version of medicine with a narrow therapeutic index may not be a good idea because minor dose or formulation differences can cause a reaction (examples include blood thinners, lithium, and thyroid injections).

Are generic drugs as good as brand names?

Manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals must show the FDA that their version of medicine meets all of the following criteria:

  • in terms of power,
  • administration route and dose form;
  • has the same indications, dose, and labeling as the other drugs;
  • ensures that patients have the same efficacy and safety profile (“bioequivalent”)

Why are generics cheaper?

Customers in the United States are charged higher prices by some brand-name manufacturers than in other nations with regulated drug prices. Patent protection provides brand-name producers at least 20 years to recoup those expenditures, which generic manufacturers do not have. Manufacturers of brand-name medications spend billions of dollars promoting new drugs to doctors and the general public; they send representatives to doctors’ offices to speak with them, and they pay for doctors’ travel to meetings and conferences to talk about their drugs with other doctors. Generic drugmakers rarely spend money on promotion and marketing, which is another way they cut expenses. Premium warehouse of News.

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