6 Most Typical Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents That Can Result in Fatal Accidents

Semi-trucks transport substantial industrial and commercial cargo and thus are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents. These trucks also pose a significant threat to smaller vehicles and their occupants. Truck accidents can be disastrous, resulting in some of the most severe injuries and fatalities due to the sheer size of commercial trucks compared to typical consumer automobiles, as well as a variety of other variables.

According to the data collected from truck accidents, driver fatigue and a lack of experience are significant factors in accidents involving semi-trucks. Nearly 90% of the fatalities in incidents involving semi-trucks result from the semi-impact trucks with another vehicle. Because large vehicles are not easy to control, truck drivers need a lot of expertise and ensure they have enough rest before getting behind the wheel. Drivers’ complete rest guarantees that the vehicle is operated safely by the driver while providing total control. Regardless of the type of truck at fault for the accident that caused the victim’s injuries, an experienced California semi-truck accident lawyer knows how to fight for the victim’s right to fair compensation.

Causes of Accidents involving semi-trucks

Some factors of semi-truck accidents are given below.

Carelessness on the part of truck drivers

Some drivers, we all believe, are dangerously irresponsible and ignorant. They drive erratically on congested roadways, resulting in serious accidents. Semi-trucks transport huge loads; therefore, any form of negligence can result in a terrible accident that causes property damage and significant bodily harm to passengers. Driver weariness can sometimes be the cause of careless driving. Driving a semi-truck is complex, and the driver should get enough rest before getting behind the wheel. In the event of any negligence, the driver jeopardizes not only his own life but also the lives of others.

Heaving heavy loads

Semi-trucks are designed to transport massive loads from one location to another. Each of these trucks has its unique weight limit. When a driver exceeds the weight limit, a major accident occurs. Semi-trucks are occasionally loaded with unbalanced loads, which can have disastrous effects.

Brake failures

Semi-trucks rely totally on their brakes, as they are the only portion of the truck that keeps running smoothly. Therefore, any breakdown in the semi-braking truck’s system can result in a dangerous accident. Accidents can happen when brakes don’t work, are faulty, or aren’t installed properly.

Driving a truck while under the influence of narcotics

Before getting behind the wheel or while they are moving, drivers of commercial semi-trucks are not allowed to take any medication. Many substances, including alcohol, opium, and ice, can kill a person’s mind and cause them to lose consciousness. Consequently, it is against the law in that state for drivers to be under the influence of narcotics, and anyone who breaches the laws of that state is liable to legal punishment. The victims of truck accidents caused by a driver’s drug addiction should file a lawsuit against the offender and demand damages of any kind, including financial, emotional, and physical harm. People who have been harmed due to the carelessness of other motorists can receive aggressive legal assistance from the California Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer. They understand the situation and assist in obtaining the monetary compensation one deserves!

Exceeding the speed limit

Excessive speeding is another prominent factor in truck accidents. The authority in charge of traffic management uses speed control cameras to monitor speeds. In addition, several transportation businesses install speed trackers on commercial trucks. Even with technological advancements, speeding continues to be a leading factor in most fatal truck accidents. It is irresponsible and negligent for truck drivers to speed.

Driving in inclement weather

Accidents involving semi-trucks are also brought on by driving in inclement weather. Visibility for drivers can be negatively impacted by conditions such as fog, heavy rain, storms, or snow, making it harder for truck drivers to keep control of their vehicles. Truck accidents that are brought on by lousy weather lead to many truck pileups, which in turn result in significant injuries to both drivers and passengers. Driving a truck when the weather is poor, mainly when there is rain, snow, or fog, should be avoided because these conditions reduce visibility and make the road slippery. There is no other method to prevent accidents of this nature. Because of this, it is hazardous to operate a highly loaded vehicle on a slippery road when visibility is poor.

Final thoughts

Semi-truck accidents are likely to significantly affect passengers’ physical, financial, and future well-being. California Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer examines the accident to uncover the actual cause, identify the responsible parties, and seek damages for the innocent victim. Their firm’s competent attorneys can strive to negotiate a reasonable settlement using their knowledge, dedication, and trial experience. Contact now on (805) 779-3630 to get an appointment. Consultations are completely free, discreet, and come with no strings attached!

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